“Hubert: His story” – DIRECTOR, PRODUCER & photographer, JANUARY 2017

Flint Resident Hubert Roberts, a former inmate who uses his story and history to teach students in his city about their cultural heritage, is the hero or antihero of this documentary. Michigan Radio:

“Growing up Flint-style” – consultant,** JANUARY 2017

This comic book features a high school student tasked with covering his family’s history. Interwoven in his personal history is the mention of significant events in the civil rights movement for Black Americans.

“Run jump paddle” – executive producer & reporter, may 2016*

One runner, one skydiver and one paddle boarder encounter the animals in themselves as they engage in sports to an extreme degree. In this documtentary, they battle the environment and one faces death as he runs.


“Wildly incorrect” – executive PRODUCER & reporter, MAY 2016*

This documentary dispels myths about hunting.

“reclaim” – executive PRODUCER, MAY 2016

Situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this documentary film introduces us to scrap artists who are making something beautiful out of recycled materials.

Michigan Association Broadcasters College Student Award -2017, Student Emmy Awards – 2017.


“faces of flint” – PRODUCER, reporter & Videographer, april 2016***

This five-part radio documentary and six-part video series focused on Flint residents dealing with lead poisoning in their drinking water. This collaboration between students and faculty in the School of Journalism and WKAR Radio and TV reporters and producers aired on “Current State with Mark Bashore” on WKAR Radio 90.5, an NPR station and videos aired on WKAR-TV, a PBS station.

“that strange summer” – DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, reporter & Videographer, Jan. 2016***

This hour-long documentary – an extension of “U.S. v. Narciso, Perez & the Press” – reconstructs the investigation and trial in the 1970s of Filipina Narciso and Leonora Perez, two Filipina nurses accused and convicted of poisoning patients at the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI.  After serving several months in a federal prison, the women were released because the case was dismissed on appeal, citing prosecutorial misconduct. The film also examines news coverage of this highly politicized court case. password: Narciso. Streaming rights purchased by the Ann Arbor District Library. DVDs purchased by these institutions: University of Michigan and College of William and Mary. The film was selected to debut at the Detroit Institute of Arts as part of the Detroit Free Press’ Freep Film Festival. WKAR-TV will broadcast the film in 2017.


This 45-minute documentary features a dozen members of the oldest old who share historical moments that

impacted them and tips on living long and independently.


“the living history project: stories told by michigan’s oldest old” – PRODUCER, reporter & Videographer, Oct. 2014-2016***

This multi-media project spanned consisted of exhibits and media.


ArtPrize Exhibits:

October 2014 “The Living History Project” – DeVos Center: Consists of a dress made of photos from Ronnie Fagin’s life and four videos about residents in Michigan who are 85 years old and older: Ronnie Fagin of Southfield, M. Scott Westerman II of Ann Arbor, Katherine Sadler of West Bloomfield and Edith Dean of Okemos. Winner: Top 25 in Public Vote in the time-based competition. ArtPrize 2014 included 1,536 entries representing 51 countries and 42 U.S. states and territories.


October 2015 “100 Years of Radios and Stories”: Kilwin’s Ice cream. Displayed a dozen radios and stories from the last century.


May 2015: 4-part radio series that aired on WKAR. Winner: BEA Best of Festival for Faculty Audio. Of 1538 entries from 220 schools, 18 were recognized with the Best of Festival award.


May 5. MSU’s Living History Project: Helen Glass, 98, of Lansing. WKAR Radio.


May 12. MSU’s Living History Project: Katherine Sattler, 90. WKAR Radio.


May 19. MSU’s Living History Project: Domingo Berlanga. WKAR Radio.


May 26, 2015. MSU’s Living History Project: Rudy Aittama. WKAR Radio.

“football Tailgating: where michiganders love to gather” – co-PRODUCER, dec. 2014

This documentary and website provides a social and economic history of tailgating in the state.

“imported from china” – Co-director, sept. 2013*

This half-hour documentary follows Chinese international students who are navigating college and life in the U.S. The film engages issues of acculturation, discrimination and roommate challenges that transcend international borders.

Watermarked version: Password: sandboxfilms


“U.S. v. Narciso, Perez & the press” DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, Videographer, Oct. 2013 (not in formal count)***

This half-hour documentary is the original version of the hour-long “That Strange Summer” so it is not in the formal count. However, the film is notable because it received the national Radio Television Digital News Association Unity Award, the 2013 regional Emmy® in the Documentary Cultural Category as well other state awards. password: Lola


“flint river farm” – co-director, Nov. 2012***

In this documentary, two women from the city’s largest farm battle city government to build a hoop house and get insurance.

“flint food fighters” – co-director, Nov. 2011**

A half-hour magazine-style program in which Zeldes interviews a half dozen urban farmers in Flint’s Farmers’ Market.

“The kings of flint” – co-director, feb. 2011***

Jacky and Dora King are karate masters and also master farmers. This half-hour film features their karate

students who provide a rap song about urban farming in Flint, which serves as the documentary’s soundtrack. For the Kings, growing food is a business and fulfills a mission to feed the poor of the city.


“The death of an imam” – director, co-producer and videographer, dec. 2010***

On October 28, 2009, FBI agents shot and killed Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah in a Dearborn warehouse. It was the first killing of a Muslim religious leader by the U.S. government. This 16-minute documentary examines the news reporting associated with the shooting. It explores the issues at the core of the incident: The allegations of a terrorism conspiracy, the use of FBI informants, and Muslims in the mainstream media.


“Arabs, Jews & the News” – producer, dec. 2009***

This half-hour film explores how the 2006 War in Lebanon caused rallies on the streets of Dearborn and West Bloomfield, magnifying hard feelings between the Arab and Jewish communities.  password: crossfire