Geri Alumit Zeldes, Ph.D.

Mom of FOUR, wife and associate professor

CV – Publications

Bowe, B., Hoewe, J., & Zeldes, G. A.  (December 18, 2012).  A Lack of Balance: An Examination of Local Newspaper Coverage of the 2006 War in Lebanon and the 2008-2009 War in Gaza,” Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs.  Vol. 32(4):  483-491.

* Zeldes, G. A., Fico, F. & Diddi, A. (2012). “Differences in the Way Broadcast, Cable and Public TV Reporters Used Women and Non-White Sources to Cover the 2008 Presidential Race,” Mass Communication & Society Vol. 15(6):  831-851.

Bowe, B. J., Hoewe, J., & Zeldes, G. A. (2012).  An Andragogical Approach to Developing Dialogic Learning Through Wikis. PDF Middle East Media Educator, Vol. 1(2)  75-86.

Bowe, B. J., Hoewe, J. & Zeldes, G. A. (January 2012). “Using a Wiki to Produce Journalistic Best Practices.”  PDF Communication Teacher Vol. 26(1):  22-32.

Hoewe, J. and Zeldes, G. A. (Online – 2011, In Journal – 2012). “Overturning Anti-Miscegenation Laws:  News Media Coverage of the Lovings’ Legal Case Against the State of Virginia.”  PDF Journal of Black Studies, 43(4) 427-443.

Lipowski, J., Zeldes, G. A. & Albers, R.  (June 2011).  “Infusing a Documentary Ethos. ” PDF  Electronic News, 5(2): 131-136.

* Zeldes, G. A. and Fico, F.  (2010).  “Broadcast and Cable News Network Differences in the Way Reporters Use Women and Minority Group Sources to Cover the 2004 Presidential Race. ” PDF  Mass Communication & Society, 13 (5): 512-527.

Chang, K.K, Salmon, C. T., Lee, BK, Choi, J. & Zeldes, G. A. (2010).  The influence of contextual factors on media framing: A cross-national study of news coverage of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).  In G. Golan, W. Wanta & T. Johnson  (Eds.), International Media Communication in a Global Age. New York:  Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-99899-4.

Zeldes, G. A.  (November 2009).  “Maverick, Escort, or Style Setter – TV News Framing of the Candidates’ Spouses During the 2004 and 2008 Presidential Elections.” PDF Electronic News.  3(4): 193-213.

* Zeldes, G. A., Fico, F., Carpenter, S. & Diddi, A. (October 2008).  “Partisan Balance and Bias in Network Coverage of the 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections.” PDF Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.  52(4):  563-580.

* Fico, F., Zeldes, G. A., Carpenter, S. & Diddi A.  (2008).  “Broadcast and Cable Network News Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election:  An Assessment of Partisan and Structural Imbalance.” PDF  Mass Communication and Society.  11(3):  319-339.

* Zeldes, G. A., Fico, F., and Lacy, S.  (2008)  “Context and Sources in Broadcast Television Coverage of the 2004 Democratic Primary.” PDF  Mass Communication and Society.  11(3):  340-346.

* Zeldes, G.A., Fico, F. & Diddi A. (2007).  “Race and Gender:  An Analysis of the Sources and Reporters in Local Television Coverage of the 2002 Michigan Gubernatorial Campaign.” PDF.  Mass Communication and Society.  10(3): 345-363.

Chang, K.K. & Zeldes, G.A.  (fall 2006).  “Media War between Israelis and Palestinians: Uses of News Sources in Four Mainstream U.S. Newspapers.” PDF  Newspaper Research Journal, 27(4): 84-90.

* Zeldes, G. A. & Fico, F.  (2005).  “Race and Gender:  An Analysis of the Sources and Reporters in the Networks’ Coverage of the Year 2000 Presidential Campaign.” PDF Mass Communication and Society, 8(4): 373-385.

*Fico, F., Zeldes, G. A. & Diddi A.  (winter 2004).  “Partisan and Structural Balance of Local Television Election Coverage of Incumbent and Open Gubernatorial Elections.” PDF Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, 81(4): 897-910.

Zeldes, G. A. (fall 2004).  “An Analytical Framework for Fighting CyberHate.”  The Journal of Intergroup Relations, 31(3): 74-86.

Zeldes, G. A. (summer 2003).  “Censoring Terrorism in Media-Discourses in the U.S. & Britain.”  The Journal of Intergroup Relations, 30(2): 3-16.

Chang, K. K. & Zeldes, G. A. (fall 2002).  “Public Ownership and Market Competition Effects on Newspaper Corporations’ Financial Performance:  A Replication and Challenge.” PDF Newspaper Research Journal, 23(4): 101-107.

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